Online Photography Course

Learn how to take the best quality photographs with your Digital SLR Camera!

           All for only $149.00.

Our Course boasts 34 different Training Modules

This course offers unbelievable value! You receive full access to all the course material for a full 12 months and all for an price of only $149 AUD. The total value of this course is easily $349 AUD. I’ve dedicated over 6 months preparing the best comprehensive, concisely written, easy to understand self paced learning online training resource for you to learn DSLR photography the simple way. Find out more…

Do you get blurry photos or see things you want to capture forever as a photograph? Are you sick of seeing other peoples photos and wish you could take that sort of photo or even better?

What do all those buttons and dials on your camera do?

If you want to take great sharp clear amazing photos then congratulations you’ve just found the right place! This course isn’t about all the technical babble it’s about learning how to take great shots and why your camera does what it does.

Photography is not hard but so many other courses and people make it seem that way. In our course you will learn all the important tips, tricks and skills needed to get the photos you actually want. Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Proper understanding of RAW and jpg file types
  • HDR’s (High-dynamic-range imaging), Lightning, Star-trails, Landscapes and Panoramas, Everything is covered!
  • Tips and tricks that you can’t even find in an online search
  • ISO, Aperture = Depth of field, Shutter speed and so much more.

Learning photography is really so simple!

This course is made for total beginners and intermediate photography minded people, I’m going to teach you everything with videos, text, & sample photos. If you can watch videos and read, then you can do this course, Find out more…

Lightning Digital photography onlineLightning is very easy to get without spending tons of money on fancy equipment I kept this secret for over 15 years I know some tricks that will shock you.

Star trails night time photographyMost people love photos of the stars, moon, and night time fun these are surprisingly simple too with a little bit of knowledge and some patience.

Wedding PhotosDon’t miss any special moments you will learn to be well prepared for any type of photo & just how to get all the special shots you really want to get!.

Sunsets & LandscapesIt’s such a beautiful world landscape photos are one of those things people love to shoot learn about how to get those great shots easily including HDR’s & Panoramics.

Testimonial - Paul White - Mount Isa, QLD
I have found Simple DSLR Online course most helpful, The ability to explain technique and camera use has helped me to tune my skills as a photographer, It's able to explain the links between settings and photo outcome simply and effectively, so as to allow for easy understanding of technical terms.
Testimonial – Paul White – Mount Isa, QLD
Testimonial - Anna Taylor - Bundaberg, QLD
If you haven't signed up already for the course... I suggest you hit the sign up button and let Simple DSLR Online know you are ready and waiting. I 'm amazed at the information I have learnt from the course. It has been so simple, easy, and even funny at times.
Testimonial – Anna Taylor – Bundaberg, QLD