Online Photography Course

Learn how to shoot amazing photos with your DSLR!

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Our course boasts 35 different training modules!

This course offers unbelievable value! You receive full access to all the course material for a full 12 months and all for an price of only $149 AUD. The total value of this course is easily $349 AUD. I’ve dedicated over 12 months preparing the best comprehensive, easy to understand self paced learning online course for you to learn DSLR photography the simple way. Find out more…


Here’s just a few things we cover:

  • ISO, Aperture “depth of field”, Shutter speed just for starters.
  • Understanding of RAW and jpeg file types
  • HDR’s (High-dynamic-range imaging), Lightning, Star-trails, Landscapes and Panoramas, all explained simply
  • Tips and tricks that you can’t even find in an online search
  • And best of all.. Our students are loving it!

Learn photography the simple way!

This course is made for total beginners and intermediate photography minded people, I’m going to teach you everything with videos, text, & sample photos. If you can watch videos and read, then you can do this course, Find out more…

Lightning Digital photography onlineLightning is very easy to get without spending tons of money on fancy equipment I kept this secret for over 15 years I know some tricks that will shock you.

Star trails night time photographyMost people love photos of the stars, moon, and night time fun these are surprisingly simple too with a little bit of knowledge and some patience.